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Get Access to Historical Data of +120,000 Macroeconomic Indicators, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, FX and Indices In AssetMacro we provide high-quality historical data for +120,000 Macroeconomic Indicators, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, FX and other Indices, since 2012. The database covers a historical period of maximum 100 years.

In AssetMacro we obtain financial & economic data directly from original, timely, primary sources, like national statistical agencies, government ministries and central banks. Our Advanced Data Quality control ensures High Data Quality.

40,000+ Economic Indicators of 120 Countries 80,000+ Financial Data
Leading Indicators
Manufacturing & Services Purchasing Managers Indexes
60,000+ Stocks Historical Price & Financial Data

Up to 30 Years of History
Financial Fundamental Data (Financial Statements & Ratios)
Historical End of Day Prices
Exchanges: NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, NYSE ARCA, TSX,
National Accounts
Gross Domestic Product
Consumer Spending
Government Consumption
Fixed Investment
Exports, Imports of Goods & Services
1,000 Country Stock Indices & Volatility Indices
Balance of Payments
Current and Financial Account Balances
Export, Import of Goods
Balance of Goods
International Reserves
3,000 US, Europe & Asia Stock Sectors & Industries
Sources: S&P, MSCI, Stoxx, Dow Jones
Monetary Series
Money Supply - M0, M1, M2, M3
Interest Rates
Lending Rates
Major & Minor Commodities, CRB & Shipping Indices
Sources: CME, LME, Dalian
Consumer Price Index
Core and Harmonized CPI
Export, Import Price Indices
Terms of Trade
Producer Price Index (PPI)
Countries Bond Indices of Different Maturities
Bond Indices of Sectors (S&P)
Labour Market
Total Employment & Payrolls
Job Vaancies
Global Currencies
Public Sector
Government Surplus/Deficit
Government External Debt
Credit Default Swaps of Major Countries & Companies
Private Sector
Personal Savings, Disposable Income
Retail Sales
Car Registrations
Consumer Credit
Consumer Confidence
Industrial & Manufacturing Production
Capacity Utilization
New Orders
Productivity & Labour Costs
Housing Indicators
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